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Golfers Need To Stretch To Decrease Low Back Pain

The  stress from back pain injury will never go away if you  “can’t live without golf”. Pre golf game stretching is always a good idea. Doing a little more by just adding good stretching exercises can help with a lower back pain injury.

Once you make a habit of doing expertly learned stretching, you’ll find that muscle tensions that you have not associated with golf, start to release.

If you are a new golfer, this is the best time to learn stretching exercises.  This will help prevent a  lower back pain/slipped disc injury.

Of course, if you have muscle tension or pain that does not resolve with rest (if you rest from golf), see a doctor for back pain – a chiropractor.  Chiropractic treatment will  relieve low back pain.

For any kind of lower back pain or back pain injury, (the “pinched nerve” feeling), you can call the back pain center in Tarzana at 818-774-1620.