Car Accident Back Pain

Whiplash Symptoms – How to Treat Car Accident Back Pain

It is typical to experience a stiff neck after even a mild car accident. A rear end collision where both cars were going under ten miles an hour can result in whiplash symptoms. A well positioned headrest will decrease the acceleration – deceleration movement of a whiplash, but cannot prevent trauma to the soft tissues of the neck. When a driver sees the impact coming, tensing up the entire body is a reflex, and this can lead to muscle spasms of the hip area, low back, mid and upper back, shoulder area and of course, neck.

The cranial muscles as well can tense reactively, contributing to post traumatic headaches.

It is a miserable experience. While it rarely leads to severe injury, a whiplash injury can still take weeks to completely heal.

Scar tissue forms within twenty four hours, so it is best to see a chiropractor right away, the same day if possible.

A chiropractor knows how to treat car accident back pain, yet it is astonishing that many people do not know this.

A chiropractor does a great deal more than “crack your back”. In fact, after an automobile accident, a chiropractor will probably treat you several times without even trying to perform an adjustment of spinal mis-alignments.

Your soft tissues – muscles, tendons and ligaments, will be sprained and strained. In a severe situation, there may even be tears.

These soft tissues can be treated with ultrasound therapy, electrical muscle stimulation, gentle manual stretching, and ice packs.

Expect to put some time into seeing your chiropractor to heal properly. Remember that lost wages and time to go to the doctor are reimbursed through auto insurance policies.

You will be happy with the results after your treatment has ended. Even if you cannot achieve a one hundred per cent recovery, you will have learned some good stretching exercises, how to ice sore muscles properly, and you will most likely be able to resume all your normal athletic pursuits. So, if you have been injured, look into getting treated for your WHIPLASH INJURY SYMPTOMS.

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