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Learn About Radioactive Pollution Effects And How To Detox Heavy Metals

Standard Process SP Green Food and Prolamine Iodine are two products that support your immune system.Each one detoxifies heavy metals from the body. Iodine detoxifies bromides, removing them from the thyroid gland, and replacing them. This protects your thyroid from absorbing radioactive iodine.

Radioactive pollution effects have shown up around the globe after the Japanese Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant explosion and continuing uncontrolled disaster. How to detox heavy metals is crucial knowledge for those close to the destruction, and probably for you, in other areas of the world as well. Unfortunately the media reporting of the correct numbers pertaining to radioactive fallout and what they really mean is woefully inadequate.

While daily background radiation levels are considered “safe” in most areas, what does not get explained is that the toxic heavy metals accumulate in our bodies by whatever way they are ingested: inhalation, or consuming polluted foods and water. The dosages we are getting have been compared to a Cat Scan or an x-ray series – but we don’t have these procedures day after day – no medical doctor would allow that.

 How To Detox Heavy Metals – Nutrition Is Crucial

After the reactor meltdown in Chernobyl, there were six thousand cases of thyroid cancer reported, among children. This was caused by them drinking contaminated milk. Milk is easy to avoid, since many of the nutrients in milk can be obtained by eating other foods – including calcium. And speaking of calcium, it is an important supplement to take to avoid metals such as Strontium 90, finding its way to the calcium receptor sites. Thus, bone cancer, a known result of such toxic exposure, can be prevented.

Foods that bind to metals in your intestines can carry most, if not all, of the radioactive particles out of your body. Even particles that are inhaled will end up in your bowels and be removed, if those particles do not find empty receptor sites in your body, to call home.


Glutathione is in fresh vegetables, fruits and freshly prepared meats. It functions in many body cell types, and is a strong antioxidant. It assists your liver in removing contaminants from the system so your bowels or kidneys can expel them. If you eat a fresh food diet most of the time, your are likely ingesting enough glutathione for health, in normal environmental conditions (whatever that is anymore).

The cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, kale, cabbage, and brussel sprouts, provide a larger amount of this free radical scavenger.

In times of disaster, such as when radioactive fallout is detected, it is a good idea to support your body’s natural processes of eliminating poisons by taking a “green food” supplement. There are many powdered formulas and capsules or tablets, available almost everywhere. Go for the certified organic brands, because why be adding more poisons into your body.


Chlorella is the name for a fresh water algae containing high amounts of proteins, chlorophyll, Vitamin C, and carotenoids, the latter two being antioxidants. Chlorella supports the detox functions of your body, and is commonly called a blood cleanser.

One Japanese medical study, published in the 2008/09 edition of The Journal Of Medicinal Food, found that chlorella reduced body fat levels, cholesterol levels and fasting blood sugar levels in test participants.


Spirulina has a high concentration of vegetable proteins, chlorophyll, Vitamin B12, and a rare essential fatty acid, GLA. It is easily found, in organic form, and is inexpensive. It contains iron and other trace minerals and like chlorella, is high in Beta Carotenes, or carotinoids.

 Green juices (Wheat grass, Barley grass)

More chlorophyll – green, green, and more green.

 Apple pectin with Alginate

Apple pectin, some brands with added alginate from seaweed, is also a heavy metal binder. It is a healthy fiber that cleanses the intestines, and the alginate helps the body get the heavy metals to the bowel for elimination.

Apple pectin was given to children near Chernobyl, during the recovery phase from that disaster, as part of a medically supervised program to detoxify the nuclear particles from their bodies.

Edible clays – Montmorillonite/Bentonite etc.

Edible clays are mined at least twenty plus feet below the soil surface, to ensure no contaminants are in the product. Yes, people eat these. More commonly used for body bathing or face masks, the super mineralized clays draw out toxins form the body and skin, to give you the healthy glowing look and feel. They are usually named after the location where they are mined.

Edible clays can be purchased as powdered or in tablets. They are not expensive. For kids, the powder can be mixed with apple sauce for easy consumption.

Powdered green foods can easily be blended into fruit juice or protein powder smoothies.

Bear in mind I am not talking about a radioactive blast or a power plant meltdown in your backyard. Those catastrophes are treated in hospitals, with specific detox programs, by medical experts. This article is meant to help you assess your personal health risks, and that of your family’s, in the current contaminated environment we live in, and with the addition of any extra nuclear fallout that occurs. The bottom line is, that poisons of any kind have to find somewhere to go in our bodies. If our bones, organs, and skin cell receptors are full of healthy nutrients, even an overwhelm of toxic material can be methodically removed. Our bodies know how to, but need our help. Get what you need to help remove radioactive pollution effects.

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