Pain Between The Shoulder Blades

How To Get Rid Of Upper Back Pain

How to get rid of upper back pain is a common question.

Almost everyday someone will call and ask us that.

They may mean

  • shoulder aches
  • pain between the shoulder blades
  • pain in their ribs

First you get a correct chiropractic diagnosis. Dr. Yeghyayan will review the history of your pain, when you have the pain, and your exercise and movement habits.

Back pain between the shoulder blades is common, and often not the result of a traumatic injury, like a rear-end collision for example.

One way to get rid of upper back pain is to review your posture.

Anyone can fix bad posture.

Upper back muscle spasms may be relieved with a few chiropractic visits, supported by your lifestyle changes.

  • You can help fix bad posture with:
  • stretching exercises
  • core muscle exercises
  • back support for sitting and driving
  • sleeping with good support from your pillow

If you do regular exercises with weights and gym machines, Dr. Yeghyayan will review these with you to make sure you are not contributing to your upper back pain by improper form and intensity.

Even while trying to work out correctly, you can end up with chronic muscle spasms if you have not learned the exercises properly.

Fix Bad Posture

Trigger Point Therapy Or Myofascial Release

This manual therapy could also be thought of as shiatsu or acupressure. A chiropractor knows how to apply pressure to specific points on your muscles, and it can feel quite tender.

Yet, the muscle or myofascial tissue (the “wrap” around your muscles and muscle groups) will release its tension with this chiropractic and massage therapy technique. Here’s an illustration of trigger points.


Photo credit – PPSSeminars