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Stretches For Neck Pain

Stretches for neck pain can be done by almost anyone.

Check with your chiropractor first if you have had a recent injury, or if you have a chronic condition like a disc herniation.

Your chiropractor can review with you how you should be stretching your neck muscles.

A tense neck can be strained on a daily basis by

  • poor posture
  • incorrectly set up computer work station
  • weak core muscles
  • poor nutrition
  • bad sleep position/habits
  • work involving repetitive movements

Stretching your neck muscles can be best done after a workout when you’re warmed up. After a long soak or hot shower works too.

Most postural yoga routines include neck and back stretches. Yoga classes are relaxing and invigorating and very few people cannot do yoga.

Stretches should always be gentle, never jerky or pulling to the point of pain. Stretches should feel good!

The video below shows some good stretches for the neck in the first eight minutes. Note that the trainer explains you can sit on a cushion if you have knee problems. This decreases the bend in the knees, and increases the distance between the knees and the hips.


Here is a different kind of stretching routine – a four minute standing stretch demonstrated by Miranda Esmonde White author of Ageing Backwards. Follow along with her and learn this stretch. You can stop and do it throughout your day!




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