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Lower Back Pain – Slipped Disk

“Lower Back Pain – Slipped Disk And Chiropractic Services”

Chronic inflammation and severe pain in the low back is often diagnosed as a herniated disk, or disc.

The diagnosis is determined by an MRI, or a magnetic resonance imaging machine. It used to be that a patient had to tolerate being inside one of these machines which for many is uncomfortable, or impossible, without some degree of sedation.

Many MRI facilities now have open MRI machines, so the patient isn’t entirely enclosed.

Here’s a video showing someone getting an MRI procedure.

And here is a video with a doctor talking you through MRI images of a healthy spine, and then images showing a ruptured, or herniated disk.

This is a good video to watch because the physician points out non-optimum conditions that do not necessarily cause pain, in contrast to the herniated or bulging disc that is putting pressure on the nerves, causing considerable lower back pain, and pain that most likely will radiate down through the buttocks to one or both legs.


How To Deal With A Very Bad Lower Back Pain From A Slipped Disk

A chiropractor can reduce

with physiotherapy such as ultrasound treatments, and electrical muscle stimulation, increasing circulation and hastening healing.

Chiropractic services can increase

Ruptured, or slipped disks can heal. The degree of healing will vary from patient to patient depending on

Patients can heal better, to whatever degree they as an individual are able to if they

Sleeping Driving Working And Posture

A patient may be advised to replace their mattress, add lumbar pillows or supports to home and office chairs, and reconfigure their computer work station for correction of posture.

A lumbar support for driving, and a swivel cushion for the car is a great relief for many. The swivel cushion helps because the twisting, bending and the exertion of standing up especially from a lower car, can be painful.

Climbing up into a higher car, and twisting to sit down is also painful when a person has a slipped disc.

I hope this has helped you understand why you can have such bad lower back pain from a slipped disk, and what you can do about it.

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