Lower Back Pain – Car Accident

Lower back pain – car accident caused – is common.

Even though most people associate a car accident with a neck, or cervical whiplash symptoms, the whiplash ripples down the spine and up again, involving all 32 vertebrae, the muscles of the spine, back and hips and possibly shoulders and arms.

This video shows a whiplash and explains how you get injured.

During a whiplash event, the torso is restrained by the seatbelt. Yet, typically a person will tense their entire body in order to protect themselves from an impact.

For this reason, muscles of the upper and lower back will be strained, and the ligaments may be sprained.

If a person in a vehicle is sitting in a twisted position at the moment of impact, the results will be more injurious.

A driver may be looking up into the rear view mirror, or at the side view mirror, twisting their neck.

A passenger may hear a screech of brakes and either turn around to look, or turn to look in their side view mirror. Some parents will react instantly to turn to look at children in the back seat. “Everything happens at once”.

Some individuals will instinctively brace themselves with their legs, engaging the lower back and hip muscles all the more.

Lower Back Pain From A Herniated Disc

If an individual has a herniated disc before a motor vehicle accident, it is most likely that they will experience pain, spasm and inflammation in those areas after even a moderate impact.

Included in the whiplash injury symptoms treatment, a chiropractor will treat the lower back pain from a herniated disc in the thoracic or lumbar spine for as many office visits as it takes to get a patient back to their normal daily activities.

Unfortunately in today’s world, a whiplash injury compensation amount from auto insurance doesn’t include getting you over every ache and pain. Once you reach a “maximum medical improvement” a doctor will end your treatment.

“Maximum medical improvement” means that you have reached a plateau in your improvement. It doesn’t mean that you will not recover further, it means that insurance will not pay any further.

An experienced personal injury attorney will negotiate to get you a “pain and suffering” settlement (separate from your treatment bill), which you can then use to pay for more chiropractic treatment when home care such as icing, stretching, strength exercises and rest do not work effectively.

There is more about lower back pain and slipped discs HERE.

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